About Me

So you have come to this page to find out “about me.” Isn’t this the place where I am supposed to talk about how awesome I am and how many awards I have won? And home many millions of dollars in sales I have successfully engineered?

Sorry, you got the wrong guy for that.


Here’s what I’ve got for you:

Real estate is something I grew up around. My dad has been a real estate broker since 1975 and his uncle was a broker before that. It is kind of a family thing.


On a personal note,


There are days when I sacrifice time with my family to spend time with clients. And there are times when I ask my clients to offer the same courtesy to my family.


I love sports. I played baseball most of my life and it is even responsible for me meeting my lovely wife, Jessica.  My favorite teams are the A's, the Raiders, and lately have really enjoyed watching the Warriors. I enjoy surfing, mountain biking, camping and being outdoors. 


You know what- just call me, text me or email me and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know

Guy Giuffre

Giuffre Property Group

620 Capitola Ave, Capitola , CA 95010

Guy Giuffre

Giuffre Property Group

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